Post 18: Love of the Loreley

The following story is a mash-up of inspiration from a song and Tale Foundry’s writing group prompt. Music plays a big part in my writing process. It can help get me in the right head-space to write certain scenes or it can help immerse me in the world I’m trying to create. Honestly, I’m very rarely able to scribble something down without music being involved. Sometimes I come across a song that begs for a story to be written on top of the story it’s already telling. When the Tale Foundry writing group picked this particular prompt to write for, I finally gave in to this song. It was so perfect; how could I not?

If you would like to listen to this story read aloud, you can find it on the Tale Foundry Scrapyard Youtube channel. I highly recommend you listen to all of the stories in the vod, because there’s so much talent showcased by some amazing authors. But, if you’re only going for this one, it shows up at the 43:12 timestamp.

Alright, enough putting it off.

Prompt: Come Sail Away
Song: “Loreley” by Blackmore’s Night (you can listen to it here).


Love of the Loreley

The wave-smoothed rocks, normally so colorful, no longer hold joy for me. I stumble across them on my way to the water, only stopping once my feet find the drop-off. Here the stones are slick. Once misstep and I could sink beneath the gentle waves. Just like you. But this is my shore, and these are my rocks. They know the touch of my feet and will not betray me.

The letter you sent found me too late. Or perhaps that was your intention. You did not want me to follow you across that dark deep until you had prepared a place for us. A home. Something that should be made together. You would return for me one day.

I waited on this shore, even though your abandonment made my heart ache. For months I waited before their messenger found me, intent on telling me my bruised patience was useless. You had come to your senses. You had taken a wife; a woman they sent for you. Your new home was complete.

They were so smug when they brought me news that you were returning. You and the woman who had taken my place by your side. I released the storm that had been growing inside my heart. The anguish, the sorrow. It spilled from me until I was empty.

You were lying on my shore in the morning, brought to me by the night’s tempest. Now you are safe. Safe beneath my smooth, colored rocks and the waves that brought you back to me. But still there is no joy here.

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