Post 21: The Veriticus Meeting

This character in the following story might not be familiar to you right away. But, if you’ve been reading through most of these pieces of flash fiction I’ve got slapped on this site, then you’ve met the narrator for this one before. Hooray! Reoccurring characters!

But where did the prompt for this piece come from, you might be asking. Well, what do you know, it’s another Tale Foundry writing group prompt. What a big surprise. I regret nothing.

When I saw the writing group prompt for the week, I knew I had to write this scene. I had originally toyed with the idea of this event happening in the novel I’m writing with this character long before I joined Tale Foundry’s writing group. I thought it was going to play a much bigger part in the novel than it ultimately did. So, on my first round of edits, I cut it. But it’s been in my brain, rolling around, begging to be let out in some form.

Please enjoy the following result of a nagging idea and a well-timed prompt.

Prompt: You are Cordially Invited


The Veriticus Meeting

The invitation was still on my kitchen table when I returned from work. I’d hoped it would disappear and I could claim I never received it. Stuff got lost courtesy of the postal service every day. Unless the Wulver sent someone to ask me about it, no one would smell my lie if I said it never arrived. I scowled at the embossed card and picked it up. I couldn’t lie to the Wulver, even with an ocean between us.

I hated planes. Stuffed into a metal tube with cranky or terrified humans was not enjoyable. The last trip I’d made for a Veriticus Meeting, my seat had been too close to the bathrooms. Even though it was seven years ago, I wasn’t eager to re-live the experience of knowing which stewardess had admitted a passenger to the Mile-High Club. Though, I would have known no matter where I was seated.

I threw the card down. The timing couldn’t have been worse. There were still bodies to find, no thanks to Garret Cain. On top of that, a rogue werewolf had made his presence known in my pack’s territory. There was too much to do. Dropping everything for the better part of a month didn’t appeal to me or my wolf.

Perhaps I should pay Garret Cain a visit. The detective in charge of the case wasn’t making any headway getting the locations of the remaining bodies from him. The jail had a reputation for being haunted. If the demon dog of St. Joe County showed up in his cell, it might speed things up.

I rummaged in my fridge for leftovers. There hadn’t been time to eat at work between sniffing for bodies and worrying about the Veriticus Meeting. My pack mates could manage one trespassing werewolf for a few weeks. At least, I hoped they could. So, the only real issue was cracking Garret Cain.

My inner wolf settled as it accepted the plan I made while the microwave heated up my food. It looked like I would be attending the Veriticus Meeting after all.

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