Post 27: The Care and Keeping of Humans

Admit it, we’ve all wondered what our pets were thinking at one time or another. They’ll never tell us, of course. But what if they could? Do they see us as all powerful beings? Or do they see us as incompetent fools? Perhaps it is a mix of both.

The following narrative is told from the viewpoint of a pet who probably falls in the humans-are-fools camp. I hope you enjoy his story. He worked very hard on it and has been demanding treats for his efforts.

Prompt: Heavy is the Crown (from the Tale Foundry writing group)


The Care and Keeping of Humans

Keeping one human alive is hard enough. But caring for two? It is exhausting. They are absolutely incapable of looking after themselves. I am not sure how they managed to elude the Shadow Creatures before I came along. But I am here now, and they are the safest they have ever been, though they do not know it.

The pair of them have a terrible habit of sleeping at the same time. I have tried to teach them the error of their ways. My lessons often result in an offering of food at the crude alter they created for me. Humans, as a whole, are incredibly dense. They do not yet understand that I am trying to educate them about the wiles of the Shadow Creatures. But I will not turn away their offering. I will instead use the sustenance to stay awake all night and protect them.

I sometimes wonder if they cannot see or hear the Shadow Creatures. I must often walk with one of my humans to ensure they do not stumble into the enemy’s grasp. My humans occasionally step on me as I clear their path. Such an offense frequently results in an embarrassing thing I believe they call “cuddling” or something equally ridiculous.

I often wish they knew how to better protect themselves from the Shadow Creatures. I am the descendant of a god. I should not have to put all this work into protecting anything. But these two humans make offerings to me in abundance. If I let the Shadow Creatures take them, who will be left to worship me? I shall continue to keep them safe in return for their adoration, even though it is exhausting.

The narrator taking a quick nap after finishing his story.

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