Post 29: It’s All Relative

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a conversation with your past or future self? Imagine all the trouble you could avoid if you could warn your past self about certain decisions. What if you could see what your future has in store before it’s set in stone? That would really be something.

The prompt for this story once again comes from the Tale Foundry writing group. The Foundry community had been gunning for this one for a long time, as it is a reference to the Youtube channel Hello Future Me, as well as an all around fun prompt. If you have a chance to pop over to their channel, give some of their videos a view. Most of them have to do with the intricacies of writing.

Prompt: Hello Future Me

(No DeLoreans were harmed in the making of this story.)


It’s All Relative

“I can’t believe it! I finally found you!”

I looked up from my computer screen to see who was disturbing the peace in my tiny book and coffee shop. A woman bounced toward the counter. She looked oddly familiar, but I would know if I’d met someone like her before.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Yes, I need some advice.”

“Uh, okay. What do you typically like to read?” I brought up the book-search program on my computer.


“Aren’t you looking for something to read?”

“Why would I be looking for something to read?”

I stared at her for a moment. “You’re in a bookstore, honey. Most of the time, when someone asks me for advice, it’s about reading material.”

“Oh.” She looked around. “A bookstore isn’t what I expected.”

I ignored her statement. She seemed to be saying it to herself, anyway.

“Right, I came here for advice,” she said, turning her attention back to me. “I want to know all about what to expect. I want to know about things you regret so I can avoid them and things you wish you’d done so I can do them.”

“Is this a project you’re doing for school or something?” She could easily have been in college. But why she was popping into random shops and interviewing strangers rather than interviewing a family member was beyond me.

“No, silly. I thought you would have remembered by now. You are me from the future! I thought for sure the future version of me would remember what I did in order to get here.” She chewed her lip, suddenly looking much less confident than before.

“Are you saying you time travelled from the past to talk to your future self?” I couldn’t remember doing any such thing, but there was a story that had been passed down about a crazy relative who claimed they could time travel.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“You’re a few generations off,” I said, rubbing the back of my neck. “But I can tell you about yourself, if you’ve got the time.”

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