Post 31: Beware the Box with Holes

“My dearest enemy.” It sounds like the beginning of a letter. There are many directions one could go with this prompt. Perhaps a superhero realizing fighting crime isn’t as exiting now that his arch nemesis has retired. One could go a darker route and write about an individual’s struggle with some sort of addiction, or even an abusive relationship. Or someone could write about their love of ice cream even though they’re lactose intolerant. There are so many paths to choose for this prompt, it’s hard to know where to begin.

I decided to go with a classic “frenemies” relationship. Many of us have witnessed this kind of relationship before. Two creatures who shouldn’t get along, but slowly begin to put up with each other and eventually become friends. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Prompt: My Dearest Enemy (from the Tale Foundry writing group)

Beware the Box with Holes

Dear Diary,

My humans brought a creature home today. They snuck it into the house in a box with holes. My nose is still sore from my inspection of the box. I’d never had reason to be wary of boxes with holes before today. I’ll know better next time. The creature inside has feet with needles attached to them.

I’ve decided I don’t like the creature in the box. I told my humans as such and they put the box in the laundry room. They won’t let me into the room. I’ll write more later once I ‘ve convinced them to let me destroy the box and its contents.

Dear Diary,

They’ve let the creature loose in the laundry room. I can see its tiny feet sliding across the floor through the crack under the door. I’ve caught glimpses of the body the feet are attached to. The creature is a kitten. My humans have cautioned me to “be nice” to it. I’ll do as they wish even though I don’t like it.

The kitten has noticed me watching. Somehow it managed to double in size, walking like a crab toward the door to attack my nose again. I growled at it. My humans sent me to my bed as if I were the one at fault.

Dear Diary,

I woke to a sharp pain at the end of my tail. The kitten has been released and has decided my tail is a toy. This won’t do. I told it to go away and it hissed at me like a snake. Once again, I’ve been reprimanded by my humans as if I’m the instigator. I feel this may be a sign of things to come. I’m convinced the kitten has brainwashed them.

Dear Diary,

It’s been a few days and the kitten has demonstrated a disturbing habit of sneaking into my bed while I’m asleep. Several times now, I’ve found it nestled as close to me as it can get. When it does this, it sometimes emits a quiet rumble which is unexpectedly soothing.

I’ve decided the kitten may stay.

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