Post 6: Hello, Stick-tight

Prompt: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

Rain pattered through the wide maple leaves before making it to the ground. Shelby inhaled deeply as the scent of damp trees and wet dirt drifted through the screens of the three season porch. Late spring had always been one of her favorite parts of the year.

The whistle of the tea pot dragged her back into the main house. While her mug of Lady Grey steeped, she halfheartedly tidied the kitchen. Dishes left in the sink by her husband before he disappeared into his office went into the dishwasher, a damp cloth was swiped over the counters, and the towels on the oven handle were rehung correctly. Shelby bobbed the tea sachet a few times before wandering into the laundry room to look at the mound of laundry, calculating how much time it would take her to fold and put away a clean load. There were still a few minutes to waste while she waited for her tea to sit for the recommended time.

Finally, doctored tea in one hand and half-read novel in the other, she slipped back into the three season room. The all-weather cushion of the metal bouncey chair made a squeaking protest as she settled onto it. Shelby took a long sip of her steaming tea before setting it aside. A breeze traveled through the screens and she closed her eyes, content to breathe in the smell of fresh earth.

A weight settled onto her lap and she looked down. Green orbs blinked up at her from a puddle of back fur that covered her unopened book. Shelby scratched the cat behind an ear, smiling when he leaned into her hand.

“Hello, Stick-tight,” she said. The cat raised up in an attempt to rub his face on her nose. “Yes, yes. I see you.”

Shelby eased the book out from under the mass of fur and set it next to her cooling tea. She wouldn’t be allowed to read till Stick-tight was asleep. The feline in question was already beginning his customary five circles before he would settle into a contented doze with his head resting on her arm. She wouldn’t have to wait very long.

Once he was comfortable, she scratched Stick-tight under the chin for a few minutes. His purrs blended with the pattering of the rain outside, helping her relax. Shelby leaned her head back and closed her eyes again. She didn’t need to read just yet, anyway. This was just as nice.

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