Who is this Astrid Jones, you might ask? We’re so glad you did.

Astrid Jones is a pen name used by someone who’s not quite yet ready to reveal her true identity to the world. Since she hails from Michigan, a state many authors seem to shy away from, that’s probably for the best right now. Astrid has been writing since she was able to hold a pencil. Some day she would like to be a published author, but for now this site will have to do.

What does she like? What does she hate? How can we get a feel for her as a person?

Obviously, Astrid likes to write. If she didn’t, there wouldn’t be much of a point for this site. Like all writers, she loves to read and has an overabundance of books that will need to be pried from her cold dead hands once she’s gone. Just like her pens and paper. She also likes hot tea (is that really a surprise?), playing in the dirt when she’s supposed to be gardening, and snuggling in the sun with her cat.

Astrid does NOT like being cold and sometimes wonders why she continues to reside in the Mitten State. But then summer rolls around and everything’s perfect for a few months. She also hates olives, pineapple on pizza, and hamsters. Receiving a sneeze to the face from her cat also ranks pretty high on her list of things she doesn’t like.

If her likes and dislikes don’t tell you all you need to know about her, here’s a little bit more. Astrid was raised on a hobby farm in a very tiny town, went to college and got a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing, then moved a short distance north for love and work. When she’s not working, she’s sitting in front of her desk with a blank page staring at her, mockingly. Some day she’ll get this whole writing thing down and put that degree to use.

Astrid Jones in her natural habitat.
The ever sneezing, ever snuggling cat. Hephaestus the editor.